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As the owner of a Jewelry store, you know that your primary product, your major attraction, your ultimate allure, is BEAUTY!

This is what drives visitors through your doors. By adorning themselves with your products, they fulfill their desire to become elegant and sophisticated.

As a result, you design your surroundings, inside and out, to be as tasteful and appealing as the jewelry you display in your showcases. Every effort you make, down to the smallest details, is intended to convey an image of elegance and sophistication. That’s what your customers are so eagerly searching for.

Surely your Sales Receipt should also be tasteful and stylish. It too deserves to be a thing of beauty.


We began our service to jewelry stores in 1993. We called upon a jeweler who needed receipts to use with his Jewelry Store Management Software. Back then it was known as “IBIS”, the name of Dick Abbott’s original software.

We went to a talented Graphic Designer and asked her to design a suitable image for us to use. She handed me the “Tumbled Diamonds” along with a bill for $100, a lot of money in those days. I took one look at her artwork and wrote her a check on the spot. The IBIS was eventually superseded by the EDGE®.  Those “Tumbled Diamonds” have since appeared on millions upon millions of EDGE® Receipt/Repair forms sold by us to users of the EDGE®.


We haven’t ceased to work with our clients to design ever more elegant receipts. Our clients will either create their own with our guidance, or more usually have us do the custom design for them. We also work with you to carefully explain on the back of the forms your Terms and Disclaimers in clear and simple language.

Don’t overlook the appearance of your EDGE® Receipt/Repair forms. They will remain with your clients as a lasting memento of where their beautiful pieces of jewelry came from. And when they are ready to make additional purchases, they’ll come back to you.

Hershel Barg
Hershel Barg, best wishes
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