Getting Started With the EDGE Rewards Program

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There are two valuable marketing components to the EDGE Rewards Program. Here’s how it works:

First: when you give a Reward Card to your customers, the bar code gets scanned into their account. After that, whenever the customer makes an eligible purchase, they will earn bonus points.

When the customer reaches a certain number of points within a set period of time, he or she gets their bonus – either a gift card, a discount off their next purchase, a check to their favorite charity, or whatever you wish to offer. You decide on what sales are eligible and what the reward will be.

Second: there is the Referral component. You give the customer additional Reward Cards to be given to their friends. When you scan these additional cards into the customer’s account, a message pops up: Reward or Referral? Since the customer already has her Reward Card account, you will click the Referral button so that these cards will go into her Referral account.

Note: it doesn’t matter that the card is marked “Reward Card”. As long as you click on Referral, it will become your customer’s Referral Card. You can give the customer as many of these cards as she offers to give to friends. They’ll all be registered into her Referral Account.


Let’s say your customer gives one of her Referral Cards to her friend Joan. When Joan comes in with the card and makes a purchase, the bar code gets scanned again. That card will now become Joan’s Reward Card, but the value of her purchase will also get credited to your customer’s Referral account. You decide how many reward points your customer receives and for how many of the purchases Joan makes.
Joan will also receive her reward points, and, if she offers, she can receive her own set of Referral Cards to give out. It’s a Win/Win/Win – for your customer, for Joan, and for YOU!

Your most powerful marketing tool is your existing customer base. The EDGE Referral program is an excellent vehicle for harnessing that customer power.

Our two pop-out-card plastic mailers, which can be handed out or mailed to your customer base, are ideal for optimizing your EDGE Rewards Card program. Your customers automatically receive a Referral Card as well as a Reward Card. But we also offer Reward Cards singly, which can also serve very well as Referral Cards. Then there is a three pop-out-card version, and several other variations. You can view a gallery of them in our website.

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